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IXO compact cutting machines are build up to 2.000 x 4.000 mm working size. EON gantry type cutting machines have much bigger working sizes, and they start from 2.000 mm in width up to 6.000 mm. Regarding the working lenght for EON cutting machines, we could say there is no limit but only in space provided by end user. Since EON machines are bulit independed from extraction table, they can be built up to lenght of 30.000 mm if needed.

This depends on working width of your cutting machine. Multpiple plasma cutting torches are available ony on EON gantry type machines and we generaly do not recommend installing more then 2 plasma cutting torches on one gantry, and only on machines with working width of 2.500 mm or higher.

Yes, and this is most common configuration on EON cutting machine. However, there is a limit of cutting thickness with oxy fuel torches if you need high performance plasma on same machine. If you choose configuration of machine that includes both high performance plasma like Ultra Cut, or XPR, we do not recommend cutting with oxy fuel higher then 60-70 mm thickness. If you need to cut more then this by oxy fuel, and this is more then 30% of your production, we recommend purchase of EON OXY machine - machine bulit specificaly for oxy fuel cutting.

Yes we do, but only with high precision plasma systems. 3D bevel head is not available for oxy fuel cutting. If you need bevel on oxy cutting torch, we can supply only option for manual adjustment of angle, and it can be used onyl for angle cutting through longitudinal axis.

Technicaly yes, we can do that. But, we will not do it, for enyone. Reason? Those technologies are not compatible with plasma cutting and we do not support mixing different technologies on one single machine? Yes, we know, you have seen this on fairs, youtube etc...other manufacturers are doing so... That is all fine..we will not do it..ever. We simply do not want to do that. We have seen too many competitor machines where this does not work and is just causing to many problems on those machines then providing any benefit. So, if you want good quality plasma or oxy cutting machine, you can purchase it here, if you need good drilling, puncing machine...well, there is a number of very good manufacturers on the market.

Warranty period for all our machines is 24 months, however there are some actions and demands you need to meet in order to get 24 months warranty. Those are: performing daily, weekly and monthly maintenace activities by your operators and maintenance personel, ordering 2 periodical services performed by our technician, ordering and using only genuine consumables, delivered by us. If you do not keep to this terms, warranty is 12 months.