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Kjellberg Silent Cut

Plasma cutting of mild steel with reduced sound pressure level Due to the high energy density and flow velocity during high-quality plasma cutting the sound level can amount to more than 100 dB(A) depending on the cutting task. With Silent Cut, Kjellberg Finsterwalde now offers a solution to reduce the noise exposure significantly which is perceived as disturbing particularly in the upper frequency range.

Silent Cut Technology

Silent Cut reduces the sound pressure level by up to 15 dB (A) during plasma cutting with the Smart Focus and HiFocus neo series of mild steels with a material thickness between 4 and 30 mm in the current range between 60 and 160 A. Even the high frequencies perceived as particularly disturbing are considerably reduced. The reduction of the sound level by 10 decibels is already perceived by human hearing as a halving of the loudness. Thus, Silent Cut makes an important contribution to health and safety at work – with high cut quality.

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