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Advanced CNC cutting machines

IXO i EON CNC machines are designed and manufacture to advance production, speed up cutting proces and provide high level of cutting quality.

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FULL range of cutting machines and equipment

Our cutting machines are installed in wide range of metal fabrication, from shipbuilding to HVAC, from heavy duty production to lightweight steel structures..

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CNC cutting machines plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet

CAT CNC IXO and EON cutting machines are a result of constant research and development, integration of new advanced technologies and implementation of high level equipment into every machine. We are OEM partner to leading manufacturers of cutting equipment with support and service 24/7.

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Download catalogue CAT CNC products and services

Download catalogue to get general information about our products and services. For detailed information, demo or cutting samples feel free to contact us. We will be happy to arange cutting demonstration for you, or send you samples of cut, consumables, and make a demo of CAM software for you.


What makes us different?

  • In-house production and R&D

    IXO and EON CNC cutting machines are developd by us and manufactured completely in our production facility in Zagreb. During production process we pay attantion to every detail, multiple control check points are assuring high standard of each and every machine.

  • Service and support 24/7.

    During and after warranty period we provide high level of service and support through several different service programs. Our main goal is to provide fast and correct information and service, along expedite delivery of parts and consumables.

  • Integration of new technologies

    Our company is OEM partner to leading manufacturers in plasma and oxyfuel technology. This allows us to provide advanced technologies to our end users as soon as they are released on global market by our partners.

  • Abbility to respond to your needs

    We are able to respond to specific demand from each and every customer. We will create and install machine that will suit your need, and machine that will do the job you require.


New generation of CAT CNC cutting machines. High precision, reliability and superior performance!

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Meet XPR300 - new plasma power source from Hypertherm, and learn it's advantages.

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Hypertherm's new CNC control for best integration, reliable communication with periferal equipment.

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simplifies and speeds up all the manufacturing processes and optimizes the assigned costs and the delivery dates to the maximum.

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Welding and cutting extraction filters.

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Long term cooperation based on trust and reliablity

Our priorities are : high quality, reliability, development, innovation, service and support, long time warranty

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